The search is open to all Libraries throughout the province which are divided into three (3) categories namely:

  1. LGU Libraries
  2. Library Hubs or Public School Libraries
  3. SUC/LUC Libraries
  • with library programs and activities for the celebration of Library and Information Services (LIS) Month 2018
  • has a Bulacañana collection in their respective libraries


  1. Compilation of Documents:
    • Endorsement from an authorized official
    • Two-paged history and description of the library
    • Write-up with pictures of the LIS Program implemented on November 2018 only including description, organization, promotion and impact, source of funding and stakeholders
    • Listing of Bulacañana Collection
    • Proof of participation to Provincial Library and BPLAI programs

  2. 3-Minute Audio-Visual Presentation softcopy of the materials submitted in CD/DVD

  3. Soft copy of the materials submitted in CD/DVD

LIS Program 75%
Program Impact30%
Bulacañana Collection 15%
Participation to Provincial Library & BPLAI Programs 10%
Total: 100%
Outstanding LIS Month Program
LGU Category
P30,000.00 plus trophy
Outstanding LIS Month Program
Public School Category
P30,000.00 plus trophy
Outstanding LIS Month Program
SUC/LUC Category
P30,000.00 plus trophy

The Cash prizes that will be received by the three winners are to serve as a financial grant from the Provincial Government of Bulacan for their 2020 library program, and thus have to submit a terminal report of the program where the amount was spent.